Pro Ventum was founded with its primary focus being renewable energy projects in Germany and throughout Europe. Since 1991, the company's shareholders  Dipl. - Wirt. Ing. (FH) Reiner Zoller and Ing. Andreas Otto have assisted in several renewable projects in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and  Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Pro Ventum's main area of business is wind energy. In 1994, Pro Ventum realised its first wind power plant development, a Vestas V39 with 500 kW rated power, connected to a distribution grid in Grossrueckerswalde. Since then several developments have been brought into operation.



Pro Ventum commences developing windfarm projects in Ireland.


Pro Ventum expands the business abroad and starts to develop wind energy projects in Australia.



Pro Ventum extends its area of business with project planning of Heat Pump Systems.


Pro Ventum increasingly offers projects in the field of bio-energy.