Pro Ventum has developed and installed wind turbines with an overall capacity of approx. 30.000 kW.


  • approx. 80.000 people are supplied with electricity,
  • saved 55.000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year
  • avoided 30 tonnes of nitrogen oxides
  • saved 238 kg radioactive waste

The Pro Ventum Group has provided environmental and community benefist in the course of its developments.

Such benefits include:

  • Plantation of "Streuobstwiesen"

  • Co-financing of the remediation of a linden parkway at Pfaffroda                                                

  • Renaturation of a former GUS barracks at GroƟschirma

  • Improvement of a water biotope by means of pond silt clearence and dismantling and repositioning of a sewerage system
  • Demolition of an old high silo at Ansprung within the "Natural preserve Erzgebirge - Vogtland"