Windfarm Moanmore, County Clare, Ireland

The windfarm "Moanmore", consisting of 7 wind turbines with a rated power of 1.8 MW each, is located on the west coast of Ireland in the north of Kilrush County Clare.


Planning commenced in 1997. After an extensive and complex planning process, Pro Ventum received planning approval in  November 2001. The produced energy is fed to the grid by energy supplier, ESB. The connection point is close to the adjacent 110 kV Substation Tullabrack. The sale of electricity is secured for 15 years under the AER V scheme of the Irish government.


The road creation, construction of the windfarm substation and the laying of the underground cable commenced in the summer of 2004. The wind turbines were installed in October and November 2004. The  windfarm has been operating since December 2004.


Further projects in Ireland are currently under development.